French Quarter Art

French Quarter Art
Are you looking for French Quarter art to take home from Louisiana? You’ll find the perfect piece for your home when you stop in to Joseph Walton Photography. New Orleans art adds something special to a home; instead of buying a print or picture, you can own a signed, one-of-a-kind painting from a master artist. French Quarter Art

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I’m so excited to welcome you to my web site and share my artistic inspirations with you. Here, in addition to the paintings, you’ll find my poems and short stories. I’ll be adding new art often, including art for children, so if you don’t want to miss anything, please subscribe to receive notifications from me. I started doing art when I was very young, and one of the first drawings I remember I did was that of princess Draupadi from children stories from India based on the famous Mahabharata. Even though fine art took back stage in my life later, I never stopped creating or being creative Illuminart Designs

Thermal Camera for School

Thermal Camera CCTV

1009 N Pacific ST
Glendale CA 91202 US

A thermal camera for school can keep students at home when they have a high fever. Thermal scanning equipment from Thermal Camera Solutions can scan up to 30 students and teachers at one time, alerting your administration when someone tries to come into your school who is a risk for spreading the COVID-19. Thermal Camera CCTV