Joseph Walton's photography journey began in Kansas City, MO, when he was in middle school with disposable point-and-shoot cameras and frequent trips to a one-hour photo center across the street from his house. Walton took his first 35mm black and white film class in high school, where he learned the basic principles of photography and developing film. During this time, digital photography was gaining traction, though it was very cost prohibitive. It wouldn't be until several years later that Walton would shoot his first digital photographs using an 8 megapixel Canon DSLR. Over the next 5 years, he would go on to open a fine art gallery (Valhalla) and co-found one of the region's first hacker spaces.


In 2009, Walton moved to Chicago and started working under one of the most innovative and talented wedding photographers, Jai Girard. It was there, learning from Girard, that Walton would be introduced to the world of high end portrait, event, and wedding photography and further hone his craft.

In 2011, Walton relocated, this time to New Orleans, where he would work for award winning photographer, gallerist, and good friend Louis Sahuc at Photo Works. In 2013, he began selling his own work at variousmarkets in New Orleans, including the French Market, Frenchmen Art Market, Palace Art Market, and the Art Bazaar. In March 2020, Joseph opened his first solo photography gallery in the French Quarter, but unfortunately had to close due to the pandemic. After the closure of this gallery, he began traveling around the country, shooting new work, and selling his photographs at festivals from the east coast to Colorado.

His work has been featured in Black and White Magazine, the New Orleans Culture Photography Exhibition at the Multi-Media Museum Moscow House of Photography, and the New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center. He has contributed as both a curator and an artist to PhotoNOLA, as well as to various group and solo shows throughout the country.

In November 2023 Joseph opened a gallery in the French Quarter. Located at 1309 Decatur Street, New Orleans LA 70119