719 Kerlerec St New Orleans, Louisiana
719 Kerlerec St New Orleans, Louisiana

719 Kerlerec St New Orleans, Louisiana

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719 Kerlerec St

New Orleans, Louisiana

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

On Kerlerec street two sisters, Keira McDougall and Sierra McDougall, lived on either side of a double. Each sister was a spitting image twin of the other, having been born only nine minutes apart. Both sisters had manes of flaming red hair, the color of the leaves in the Fall, and they dressed with the dramatic flare of those working in a circus or sideshow. Every morning both sisters would appear, at 9am. And every morning they would come out of either side dressed exactly the same, with the exception of the colors of their outfits. One sister would always wear the colors of a sunset, while the other would dress in the colors of a moonrise. They would both go down either side of the stairs, with the gas lamp serving as a dividing line the ladies never did cross. Keira would turn right, and Sierra would turn left. One heading towards the great Mississippi River, and the other towards Armstrong Park. From both places they would each read tarot cards for the people passing by.

On the days when Keira would fill her patrons with dread, her sister Sierra would speak of joyous possibilities that may lay in store. Patrons never knew which sister would give them good news, until the reading was well underway. When done with their readings each sister would return at exactly 7:20pm in the evening. Briefly they would each stop at the gas lamp and stare at one another, smiling innocently, before turning to enter each side of their home in the Marigny. At night passersby would often say they heard two women singing, until suddenly it would sound like only one voice. It was as if they’d harmonized so completely that they’d become one. As if both sisters were an aspect of each other, that was never meant to be apart.

By Z.W. Mohr

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